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Saab: travel through time Genre: Racing

The first auto racing game for ZX Spectrum with photorealistic landscapes. It is time to forget a striped arable land and racing track kerbs, a monotony of levels and the roadside objects growing as if mushrooms. Roads in this game rather live. Forests and open spaces, hillocks, breaks and walls of rocks, tunnels, crossroads, operable gas stations, settlements with various types of buildings, bridges and even... operating railway crossing! What else you didn't see in racing games on ZX Spectrum?

This game tells glorious history of the great automobile company. The player should drive legendary cars, starting with Ursaab, prototype of Saab 92, and finishing the most perfect sports model of a late 70's — Saab 900.

The most different types of competitions are offered: driving with time limit, speed duel, mass start and even explaining the ground — with real maps of the regions of Sweden. And yes, in this type of competition crossroads is in use.

The points gathered in races, are used for a car upgrade. All spare parts influence controllability, acceleration and the maximum speed in a certain degree. Besides, separate procedure of improvement is realized for the turbine, and with even large number of parameters. At emergence of the new car the turbine is rearranged on it and all parameters of turbine remain.

Current process of development: the game engine in development. Procedures for creation of the road and drawing of some roadside objects is realized. Special formats of sprites are developed. Some of graphics is created.

Development is cancelled

4 Elements Genre: Beat 'em up

St. Petersburg, present time.

The group of the teenagers who are fond of spiritism, incidentally causes spirit of the druggist Wilhelm Poehl, and he releases army of dark powers through a portal which the known Tower of Griffons is. Monsters of all circles of hell fill Petersburg. The authorities are powerless.

Four girls possessing supernatural abilities, unite in fight against evil forces. Everyone represents the elements: Dana — water, Lena — fire, Lada — earth, Lita — air. In the course of game it is possible to switch over to any of heroines to use her abilities.

Game is based on the Petersburg legends with which each of nine of its levels is associated. The player will meet the Anichkov Palace ghost, will proceed in the wake of Rasputin's corpse, will battle against the witch on Liteyny Bridge and the smith on the Malookhtinsky cemetery, will meet the emperor Pavel I in the Mikhailovsky Castle, and also will join battle with four griffons of Bank Bridge. And it is only small part of evil spirits.

The most interesting feature of game is playing not only 2 players, but also three together. Besides, the game engine can use performances of turbo mode (for some clones of Speccy), doing movements smoother (but game normally works on original Spectrum 128K anyway). Smooth scrolling, in-game music and short digital samples is used.

Animation is very detailed and consists of incredibly large number of frames. The main emphasis of the graphics is on photorealism, — however, with some stylization.

Current process of development: the full set of animation for all four main characters and small part of sprites of enemies is created. Background and map graphics for the first level is created. Special compact formats of sprites with real-time unpacking and availability of auto-masks are created. The graphic engine and animation subsystem is created, the game mechanics in developing. The plot of each level is defined.

Development is cancelled

Metal Man 2 Genre: Action

This game incorporated all advantages of Metal Man Reloaded, at the same time offering absolutely new strengths both in graphics, and in a gameplay. Engine and all graphics are developed from scratch, without thinking about the previous game. The graphics became much more serious. It still colourful, but now not so motley usage of color is much more laconic. Animation is very detailed, quantity of frames is several times bigger in comparison with the first game.

The concept of the game map is completely changed: now level represents not one map with floors, but consists of various types of locations both open spaces, and the closed rooms. The scrolling of the map became smoother by 4 pixels instead of whole char, but thus the map didn't lose color, and the clashing practically isn't visible. Moreover, the multilayered parallax, various for each type of scenes, is used up to seven layers moving with a different speed, with the multilayered sky and the foreground.

At last, action covers almost whole screen! Messages from workmates remained only the most necessary, and they appear in a separate window.

The aiming is carried out now in the bigger range. Main walls are impassable for bullets. Drawing of ricochets, shadows, and also partially destructible environment is used.

Certainly, the quantity of vehicles and mechanisms which Matthew uses, grew, and tasks became more various. The first levels can be characterized as "introduction" therefore all players will manage to estimate a variety of game process.

AY music and effects. Game is developed for ZX Spectrum 128.

Development is cancelled

Stella the White Witch Genre: Adventure

On suspicion in sorcery, Holy Inquisition arrested 12 most beautiful girls of the town, and in some days they have to be burned on a fire. In hope to rescue them, residents requested the help to Stella - the girl who according to a national rumor is the real witch. She has 9 days to find necessary ingredients and to receive spells which will help she to free innocent prisoners.

One of the most ambitious projects. The game world is huge, consists of many hundred screens and tens areas. To fill the map with a variety, and thus to keep within memory limits, specially the unique graphic format (combining advantages of raster and vector graphics, and allowing to create uncountable quantity of variations of objects) was developed for game. Uniqueness of this format allowed to refuse in an isometric projection a binding to strict directions: objects on the screen can be turned on a different corner, and Stella moves in eight directions.

The world will be inhabited by characters who can play an important role in task performance, exchanging one objects to others and giving necessary helps. In the wood there is a life too: it is possible to meet animals, some of which run away, having caught sight of Stella, and others even allow to stroke themselves.

Current process of development: besides the described format, the full sprite sheet of Stella's animation and sprites for some animals is created, screen drawing with a smooth color vertical scrolling is realized. Own full-fledged AY format (with breakdown of data on channels), the converter and a player for it also were created in the game development.

Development is cancelled

Jožin z bažin Genre: Adventure

Based on a popular song, game tells story of man, who went the strange road and got to a village terrorized by a monster living in the swamps.

Škoda 100 is included.

Development is cancelled

Phoenix Genre: Shoot 'em up

The graphic engine created by the principle of free rotation of a scene in an isometric projection has to become the main feature of game. The camera is always behind the back of the main character, and all the rest on the screen is dynamic.

The weapon used by the main character of game, Alina, and her enemies — flame thrower. And, perhaps, the most beautiful and unusual in game — it is the health indicator: in process of its reduction, Alina's dress gradually burns down.

Development is cancelled

Nostalgia Genre: Adventure

Walking on streets of the old town and photographing buildings, in depth of park Yana finds the big abandoned mansion which doors are open. As soon as she comes inside, doors slam and she remains locked in the huge labyrinth of rooms filled with various antique objects, a large number of riddles and the mystical phenomena. The most of the objects which were in a mansion are nostalgia symbols that explains the game title. Collecting various objects and solving riddles (many of them are keys to the locked doors), Yana explores a labyrinth to find a way out. Then action is transferred to park which also represents a labyrinth. In it there are some smaller buildings. One of task is to wind up the carillion in the center of park, which sound will wake ghosts...

Development is cancelled

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Berserker Genre: Action

The fearless warrior has to pass a long way to take vengeance on enemies for death of the family. In uphill battle he would be doomed, but the sorcerer helped it to find the infernal force and endurance.

The main feature of the graphic solution of game is the multiframe animation based on the video. The interesting pseudo-runic font and the health indicator as Celtic ornament is also made.

Development is cancelled


Gala in the Maze of Inner Space Genre: Maze

Gala appears in a strange labyrinth, and she has only a photo: portrait without a face...

Main features: huge color sprites, detailed multiframe animation. Full-screen action. Multilayered parallax scrolling with a perspective projection. The game engine uses both raster, and vector graphics.

Current process of development: the script is written, the most part of animation and a template of a graphic engine is made.

Development is cancelled

Gala and the Cradle of the Existence Genre: Maze

The history continuation, the second game from the planned series about Gala.

Gala appears at a big nest where Egg of Universe is based. She gets acquainted with Nothing, and learns from it that anything Real still isn't present All has to be born from Egg. And all that she sees, including Egg, is the drawing of her subconsciousness created in order that she could communicate with what isn't present. Gala has to protect Egg from the evil forces menacing to it from different parts of the world to learn improbable secret and to understand why she appeared here...

In spite of the fact that the mechanics of game is similar to the first game of a series, a game engine and graphics the completely new.

Development is cancelled

Baal Genre: Maze

From a centuries-old imprisonment were let out 9 powerful demons pretending to domination in an underworld. To gain a victory over them and to prove the superiority, Baal has to find the magic seals of each of demons. Images of these seals need to be placed on an altar. The seals are stored in distant parts of a labyrinth known as estates of each of demons. The main enemies are small evil spirits bats, small demons, and also various traps. In estates of powerful demons it is possible to face their owners.

Key features:
the unusual main character the king of hell Baal who can be in three states: a man, a cat and toad; in each state some of its abilities are present;
perspective projection of game space; the player moves on the screen from left to the right border, and movement forward and back happens by means of approach of a wall and objects of a scene;
mysterious atmosphere of medieval demonology.

Development is cancelled

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Krialon: Roads of Moose Genre: Shoot 'em up, Strategy


By 2400 from the beginning of board of the Qin dynasty, people of Earth completely destroyed the planet, and all their forces were directed to a ruthless gain of the planets suitable for life. Laying a network of the colonies in Universe depths, people found the delightful planet which is very similar to Earth. The planet was occupied: people of Earth saw on it the confused road network, and named a planet Krialon. The great Emperor Chang Branch A 112th Allower directed powerful forces of terrestrial army to its gain. On this planet with the local name of Alaiia many millennia there were no wars and violence therefore her inhabitants had no weapon. The only thing that they could oppose to terrestrial army, there were very developed psychokinetic abilities. Thanks to them to the alaiiyena built over large settlements the invisible domes protecting from the terrestrial weapon the military vehicles created on an image of animals living once on Earth. However they couldn't constrain an impact of people of Earth long time. To rescue a civilization from death, inhabitants of a planet organized the guerrilla groups which main goal there was a capture of military vehicles of an aggressor. In a general staff of a militia accumulation and studying of military equipment and training of soldiers for implementation of single counterstroke was conducted.

Meanwhile on the suburb of the besieged territories the guerrilla by the name of Lella Tuulia Lella took a large fighting vehicle in the form of an moose. People of Earth operated cars by means of neuroimplants that in the theory had to protect equipment from use by the opponent, however to the alaiiyena thanks to the abilities learned to establish connection with a car brain through the naked skin. Now Lella has to spend the Moose many hundreds kilometers through occupied territories, choosing a way in a labyrinth of roads and using stops in the protected cities for restoration of forces and repair of the Moose. It has to deliver the car to a general staff, after all finally, one military unit can turn an outcome of universal opposition.

Development is cancelled

Mazy Moon Genre: Arcade, Maze

Classical arcade labyrinth. Operating a rover, player must execute rescue mission: find and deliver 18 astronauts to the spaceship. However, only six passengers can be located in a rover, therefore it is necessary to make at least three raids into depths of a lunar labyrinth.

The sequel Mazy Mars (differing the graphic in red tones and additional arcade inserts) and, probably, other continuations was planned also.

Development is cancelled

0 Genre: Adventure

The magic country Na Hokh Li Lis, habitated by penguins, was comprehended by trouble: as a result of global warming it broke up to certain ice islands. To reunite it, it is necessary to start a control system on each of islands. The girl Olga who is helped by two penguins — Chuk and Gek — tries to carry out this task.

Development is cancelled

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Yulia: Princess of Galaxy Genre: Adventure

Millions years ago, when life on Earth only arose, in depths of the Universe there was a civilization which promptly developed and waged aggressive wars. Representatives of this civilization proud called itself Galaxians — masters of the Galaxy. Spaceships of conquerors conducted aggressive campaign within the metagalaxy, directed on search of the occupied planets, enslavement of their inhabitants and appropriation achievements of other civilizations. On those planets where life only arose, Galaxians left radio beacons, that through millions years to find these planets on identification signals and to return there with aggressive mission. There were they also on Earth...

Main character — Yulia, aged 22. She possesses a number of supernatural abilities; ability to turn into a cat is main. This ability is required to get into remote rooms.

The detailed script is written for all seven levels of game. Task of each level is to find black sphere — the radio beacon, left by Galaxians. It is necessary to destroy all beacons in different areas of Earth to prevent invasion of alien aggressors.

Development is cancelled

Wild Angels Genre: Beat 'em up

Of course, development of this game has to be completed especially as there is a loading screen, a plot and considerable part of graphics (however, animation has to be corrected cos of roughness of some movements). Thus the code, as well as in Metal Man Reloaded, will be copied from scratch.

Development is cancelled


Lab 7 Genre: Action

Unexpected threat hung over Earth: the large organization which is engaged in scientific researches, created the whole complex of weapons of mass destruction, and then delivered the ultimatum to the world with the requirement to recognize its power in all territory of Earth. Attempts to destroy the complex of laboratories on the island with rocket attacks didn't lead to desirable result: the protective dome reflected all blows, and — in response to it — the destruction of several cities followed.

It became clear that destruction of the organization is possible only from within. The girl under a code name L., the secret agent, gets into a complex via the underwater tunnel. Then she needs to destroy all 7 laboratories consistently. Each of them is engaged in the some type of researches: cloning, bionics, battle robots, invisibility, etc.

In game the smooth scrolling are planned (by 4 pixels horizontally, 2 vertically), the stealth-action elements, advanced AI of the opponent who is adequately reacting to emergence and all actions of the heroine. The most expensive moment at creation of game will be realization of absolutely various types of enemies at each level. It also will demand finding of certain tactics from the player for passing of each of laboratories.

Development is cancelled

Runaway Angel Genre: Adventure

Big hand-drawn animation adventure. The plot narrates about two girls who run away from air prison and shake off the pursuer. In passing they learn that in the history of their imprisonment there is a lot of a strange. And the Black Hawk prison, seemingly, hides some kind of secrets...

The plot is written in the late 90's, initially as the scenario of the animation movie. Then the part of animation of characters was drawn, which, unfortunately, didn't remain.

Development is cancelled

Ghost Town Genre: Survival Horror, Adventure

One of the most large-scale projects. Possibility of realization of game both for ZX Spectrum, and for PC was considered.

The main character receives the strange letter from the bride who went to one East European town and disappeared. Going on her searches, he doesn't suspect, to what mystical thrown place he will get. Though people on the way warned him about it...

Development is cancelled


Wall of Fire Genre: Action, Shoot 'em up

At first sight, this game is very similar to Robocop, however game mechanics is absolutely different. Passing of levels consists of segments when it is necessary to provide a heavy volume of fires on the enemies appearing from the different sides. For this purpose the main character is fixed on the ground with the aid of the hydraulic jacks pulled from his armor suit. The aiming is available in the big smooth range covering a semicircle.

Specially simplified format of AY music is developed for this game, without use of samples.

Development is cancelled

Bear and Little Red Riding Hood Genre: Action, Adventure

It's bad place for fairy tales.
The girl grew up.

Together with the workmate, the robot-transformer the Bear, Jasmine has to pass all levels filled with vile creatures.

The bear is well armed and can turn into varied vehicles. He can accept some tasks via control panel. It is also possible to take over control of Bear, if it is necessary to destroy attacking enemies as Jasmine is disarmed.

However, not into any places of level map Bear can get. Jasmine must take the risk to get fuel and ammunition.

Development is cancelled

Jagannatha Genre: Logic, Maze, Arcade

How to operate this huge vehicle?
It seems, nothing can stop it!

But the player has near at hand the large kit of tools, which need to be applied at the right time to pass some interesting labyrinths. The number of tools is limited, and often there is only one correct way.

Development is cancelled

Terrahob Driver Genre: 3D Action

Action with a third person wiev. The camera is behind the battle vehicle, all other scene completely 3D. There are Strategy and Shoot 'em up elements.

There are some sketches for this game.

Development is cancelled

Unlicensed Noncommercial Informal Movie Series

For this series some tens feature and animation films are selected, among which such as Matrix, Jurassic Park, The Fifth Element, AEon Flux, Hard Target, Yellow Submarine, Ghost in the Shell, Mad Max, Kill Bill and others.

Distinctive feature of releases of this series will be lack of additional materials and impossibility of the releases on tapes and disks as they have to be noncommercial.

Development is cancelled

Aki Kaurismaki series

This series is separate, not part of UNIMS. Certainly, movies of the great Finnish director, apparently, least are suitable for realization as a computer game. But it is especially interesting to select the principles of a gameplay which correspond to a movie plot, and provide gameability.

In this series the most different genres, from an arcade to an adventure and the open world will be presented.

Development is cancelled

Many other projects - as small, as well as the largest, difficult, ambitious (such, for example, as idea of creation of "Kalevala" or "The Master and Margarita" close to the text) - didn't get to this list as work on them still actually didn't begin. The complete list of projects contains even more than 200 games. Development of all projects is stopped, further work isn't planned.

In the course of development of these games many sprite and block formats are created, as well as the utility for work with them and various converters, six beeper and two AY music formats, players and converters for them, some level editors, text converter, a notebook for editing of the assembly text and other utilities. Some tens musical tracks (generally beeper) for various games are written.


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