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'One more cross-platform picture converter to ZX Spectrum .SCR format? Why?'

Don't be hasty in resume. It's simple, but very effective tool for reversing Speccy's pictures back to ZX Spectrum.
Many converters can't correctly recognize attributes of brightness or pictures with non-standard palette. Just.SCR does it!
If you have some GIFs of Speccy screens (inter alia with border), Just.SCR is the best way to get .SCR files.

•  Converts BMP, GIF, PNG and JPEG files to ZX Spectrum screen (.SCR) format.

•  Intended for work with the pixel files, which are initially prepared for ZX Spectrum, with standard graphical restrictions.
    Doesn't recognize blured, resized files. Lossy files (JPEG) must be high quality.

•  Correctly recognizes brightness, understands files with a palette considerably different from pure ZX Spectrum colors.

•  Recognizes a flash attribute from animated 2-frame .GIF files.

•  Source files can have any dimensions, output files are standard ZX Spectrum screens 256x192.
    If source file is greater, the program takes the central area of the image - rest of image is considered as a border (edges have to be equal by pairs).

•  Batch processing and command line support.

•  Minimalistic design. Easy to use.

Here is it!
Well, don't click right here - it's just picture =)
Downloads are slightly below.

Free Download

        Current version: 1.0.4 from 10 Oct 2016
        For Windows. Tested on Windows XP and Windows 10.

        English version (instruction included)

        English version with Russian instruction

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