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Metal Man Reloaded Genre: Action
Year of release: 9713

New York, near future.

Crime groups united in powerful networks. Machines and new technologies came to the aid of a mafia. Fight against a crime is extremely difficult as the mafia is under the care of the authorities.

Some police stations which haven't accepted new system, continue to work underground, throwing down a challenge to crime and authorities. In one of them there is a desperate cop Matthew Cranston, better known as Metal Man.

Matthew has to execute many difficult missions to liquidate mafia clans and in the final to battle with the main enemy — the godfather of a mafia Frank Slayer.

System requirements

   ZX Spectrum 48K

   ZX Spectrum 128 (for possibility of loading all levels at once)
   Joystick (Sinclair, Kempston or Cursor)

   Pentagon-128K (for faster speed and better sound quality of title music)
   Joystick (Sinclair, Kempston or Cursor)


Oleg Origin:
   Story, Graphix, Code, Music

Stella Aragonskaya:
   Testing, Loading screen creation assistance, Inspiration & support

Free Downloads


Tape version (.tap)
TR-DOS version (.trd)
Instructions (.txt)

Tape version (.tap)
TR-DOS version (.trd)
Instructions (.txt)
Translation by
Rafal Miazga

Tape version (.tap)
TR-DOS version (.trd)
Translation by
Pavel Pliva

Tape version (.tap)
TR-DOS version (.trd)
Instructions (.txt)
Translation by
Alessandro Grussu

Tape version (.tap)
TR-DOS version (.trd)
Instructions (.txt)

Tape version (.tap)
TR-DOS version (.trd)
Instructions (.txt)

Purchase tape


Official worldwide distributor of tapes: Bum Fun Software

On this label you can purchase the English version of the game.



Original Soundtrack

Music, Arrangement, Recording, all Guitars, Synths, Bass, Percussion etc. by Oleg Origin,
except bonus track — by Stella Aragonskaya.

Metal Man Theme
2:49 Download

The Power
5:16 Download

Heavy Metal Man
4:14 Download

      Bonus track:

Stella Aragonskaya — Lights on the Water
2:20 Download





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© 9713 Oleg Origin & Stella Aragonskaya