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Metal Man Remixed Genre: Action
Release date: 2015, May 15

It's the improved version of Metal Man Reloaded.
The game was made especially for Bitmap Books: www.bitmapbooks.co.uk


New York, near future.

Crime groups united in powerful networks. Battle robots and other new technologies came to the aid of a mafia. Fight against a crime is extremely difficult as the mafia is under the care of the authorities.

Some police stations which haven't accepted new system, continue to work underground, throwing down a challenge to crime and authorities. In one of them there is a desperate cop Matthew Cranston, better known as METAL MAN.

System requirements

Minimal: ZX Spectrum 48K

Recommended: ZX Spectrum 128 (for possibility of loading all levels at once), Joystick (Sinclair, Kempston or Cursor)


Oleg Origin: Story, Graphix, Code, Music
Stella Aragonskaya: Inspiration & support

Free Downloads


Tape version (.tap)
TR-DOS version (.trd)
Instructions (.txt)

Tape version (.tap)
TR-DOS version (.trd)
Instructions (.txt)


Original Soundtrack

Music, Arrangement, Recording, all Guitars, Synths, Bass, Percussion etc. by Oleg Origin,
except bonus track — by Stella Aragonskaya.

Metal Man Theme (Re-edit)
2:49 Download

Desperate Cop
3:58 Download

Heavy Metal Man
4:14 Download

The Power
5:16 Download

      Bonus track:

Stella Aragonskaya — Lights on the Water
2:20 Download





Metal Man Remixed Exclusive Review ZX Spectrum (2015)
Review, gameplay video (from The Official Retro Asylum Youtube Channel on Youtube)

© 2015 Oleg Origin & Stella Aragonskaya