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These games were written in 1996—1998. Up to 2010 they remained unreleased.
Some of these games can be downloaded.


Year: 1997 (Release: 2010).

Game has a set of faults:

• The game is written in BASIC; as result is very slow work and possibility of break.
• Awful gameplay (incredibly monotonous in some levels).
• Set of defects in a plot, terrible dialogues.
• Music, sound FX and small piece of graphics is borrowed from other games.
• There is an opportunity of start from any BASIC-block, instead of from a beginning.

However there are also some interesting features.
Size: 2 floppy disks.

This game is available for downloading (disk images in ZIP-archives).
Language: RUSSIAN







Metal Man

Year: 1997 (Release: 2010).

Game is available to downloading.
This version of the game has only one level.
Language: Russian.



More screenshots under spoiler:


The Dark



Wild Angels
1998, not completed




Very bad, just awful port.
It's my first program in machine code...



'R-Type' clone. Works cancelled at initial stage.



Grabber of ZX Spectrum Screens (unpacked) from TRD disk image to image BMP files.
File size: 475 kb. Free. For Windows.

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