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Matthew Cranston Battles
Arcade Action

Side B of Metal Man Reloaded tape release.

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy

A game by Evgeniy Barskiy.
Remake of classic adventure by Oliver Twins / Codemasters.

Metal Man Remixed

Improved version of Metal Man Reloaded. The game was made especially for Bitmap Books: www.bitmapbooks.co.uk

This game can be got only on real tape in big box together with the book "ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium" by Sam Dyer.

Metal Man Reloaded

New York, near future.
Crime groups united in powerful networks. Machines and new technologies came to the aid of a mafia. Fight against a crime is extremely difficult as the mafia is under the care of the authorities.
Some police stations which haven't accepted new system, continue to work underground, throwing down a challenge to crime and authorities. In one of them there is a desperate cop Matthew Cranston, better known as Metal Man.

The Dark
First-person shooter
(Re-release of the 1997 game)

Many years ago the army of dark forces has crossed the border of the Land of Winds. Most of the population have been killed, others have escaped to northern lands.
Among them there was a girl named Jane. Soon she gave birth to a son, Alexander. Jane told him the sad story. And when he became an adult, he went to the native land to free his country.

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