Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)

If you don’t know Cave Story, you should, because it’s a real masterpiece. It’s a free game that attracts attention for being developed by only one person: Daisuke Amaya (Studio Pixel), who was working on the game for 5 years uninterruptedly until it was published (2004). You only have to play for a couple of minutes to realize that the work behind it is immense and very well set. In addition, the game has a story that allows you to play in a non-linear way, as well as reach several endgames.

In the game, you are a robot who wakes up in a cave without remembering anything at all. When he comes out of it, he encounters some nice beings, similar to rabbits, called Mimigas who lately are being kidnapped. From then on, you will go deeper into the story and discover what has happened, as well as knowing more details about yourself, your history and your past.

The game play, the progressive difficulty curve as well as the evolution of the story make the game a real delight. Initially created for Windows/PC, but over time has been ported to multiple platforms such as: Mac, Linux, XBOX, PSP or NDS among others. You can even play if you have mounted a console with Raspberry Pi style Mini NES Classic!

Remember that although the game is in English, in the “Downloads” section of their website you can download an official patch to translate into Spanish all the dialogues of the game. On the other hand, and although they are not free, the author of Cave Story has in Steam an improved version called Cave Story+, in addition to another game with the name of Kero Blaster.

Curiosity: In the game folder, there are three executable files: Doukutsu.exe (the game itself), DoConfig.exe (game settings, to customize keys and other details) and OrgView.exe, a curious music player where you can listen to the entire soundtrack of the game.