F(L)AIL and Knytt


If you like puzzle games, you’ll love F(L)AIL (from FAIL). This is a game where you have to discover the mechanics of each level and solve the puzzles playing with items, gravity, jumps, inertia, etc. and reach the red zone where you ascend to the next level.

F(L)AIL is a very simple but terribly addictive game, which once started, encourages you to continue playing until you complete its 8 levels (which includes 10 phases each).

The game allows the multiplayer mode, so it gives a plus of competitiveness, where everyone can play simultaneously to try to win the level first. Time also influences the amount of points earned, so it is always a challenge to try to get a better score.

In Matt Thomson’s page, you can find several other free indie games of the author, some of them very curious.

Curiosity: The game has several unlockable elements as you progress through the levels. It’s also possible for a third player to use the mouse as an enemy and place bombs to make the game more complicated for the players.

  • Style | Puzzle
  • Qualities | Addictive


Knytt is a game that surprises in practically every aspect. It’s a game with an ultra minimalists interface, that just after starting the game shows us a series of options (a tutorial of the game, several slots to save our game and game credits).

The interface of the game is very simple and small, and in it we are a small being similar to a monkey, who moves away from his village and is abducted by another being that leads a UFO. On the journey, you have a problem with some asteroids that damage your ship and force you to land. Knytt’s mission is to find several parts needed to repair the UFO that are scattered along the game screens.

What is most striking about this game is the good game play it has and the impressive atmosphere. As we advance the screens, we will see that the secondary characters (with most we can not interact) perform actions outside the game, some very curious. The mixture of background music and sound effects create a curious game atmosphere that makes it quite interesting.

Curiosity: If you like the game, there is also Knytt Stories, with a lot of levels and even a level editor to create your own. On the other hand, in Steam you have Knytt Underground, the latest version of the game, much improved in different aspects.

  • Style | Puzzle
  • Qualities | Environment, playability