How to hide photos and videos that have been tagged from your Instagram profile

Instagram gives us the option to tag users in photographs in which they appear or, simply, in those that may be of interest to us. Automatically, these photos and videos appear on our profile. Not in the main feed, but in the tags section. Learn more about new devices at

We may not always be interested in anyone labeling us in content and this is added to our profile, so we are going to show you how you can prevent these photographs and videos from being present, as well as preventing them from being automatically added to our profile.

Disabling tagged photo posts

Disabling posts on photos and videos so they don’t appear on our profile is not a complex process, but it’s not as visible as it could. We have to click on the menu button, indicated with three horizontal lines in the upper left of our profile. The location is the same on iOS and Android. The options to deactivate the labels are found in the privacy section, in the general Instagram settings

Once here, we will click on settings, to access the Instagram settings. Here, we will look for the privacy section, and within it, we will see the option of labels. Click on it to start working.

First, we will see that, by default, the option Add automatically is activated. This option allows your friends to tag you in posts, so they are added to your profile automatically. If you don’t want this to happen, you just have to uncheck this option.

However, deactivating the automatic tags does not hide the photos, it does the option that you have just below: hide photos and videos in which you appear. We click on it, and it will take us to the list of photographs in which we have been labeled.

If we want to hide them, click on them. We will be asked for confirmation on whether we want to hide them or not . By giving it to them, they will no longer be seen in the profile. If we want to verify that the changes have taken effect, we only have to go to the section labeled content of the profile.