Lyle in Cube Sector and Broken Cave Robot

Lyle in Cube Sector

Lyle in Cube Sector is a game in which we assume the role of the main character (Lyle), whose cat is stolen while he was sleeping. The objective of the game is to recover it by advancing through the different screens of “Cube Sector”. The game has graphic filters that emulate the old TV (interlaced mode) and a “chip tune” style music that will take you back to the style of games of the time.

The game doesn’t have a linear direction, and as you progress through the game you’ll be able to perform more actions, such as seeing the map or throwing cubes at enemies.

Curiosity: The website of the game has a very characteristic retro style, as well as some other games, comics and interesting links.

  • Style | Adventure
  • Qualities | Music, Graphics

Broken Cave Robot

The author of F(L)AIL also has another curious game, called Broken Cave Robot. It’s a small, broken robot that falls into a cave and has 5 minutes left to run out of battery. Then, restrict its functionalities to the minimum and start your adventure.

Your goal is to discover the cave, finding items to improve the capabilities of the robot and prevent the robot from being completely damaged. The game has a very curious feature, and that is that the map system of the robot game is damaged, so you can use it, but you have to draw the map manually, in a kind of rustic “paint” that integrates.

Curiosity: The game arose from a Ludum Dare, a competition to create video games in less than 48 hours.

  • Style | Puzzle
  • Qualities | Originality