Pixel Art Games You Should Try This Year. Part 1

In the middle of 2018 and with all the torrent of new and impressive titles approaching, it’s easy to forget that video games are more than just a pretty face and that, surprising as it may seem to some, you can live beyond photo realistic textures, volumetric clouds and other technical tricks designed to push our consoles and computers to the limit of their capabilities.

And be careful, all this is very good, and I am the first one to enjoy like a wild dwarf like God of War 4 that, apart from being a game, enters through the eyes, but it is not bad to leave our comfort zone from time to time and give an opportunity to works that we don’t usually pay attention to and that, against all odds, may surprise us.

That’s why, and because I’m a great lover of this kind of titles, today I bring you a list with 5 pixel art video games that I think you should try before the end of the year.

Oh! And for those of you who don’t know, with Pixel Art we mean those games that base all their graphic section on…well… in the pixels, those little squares that were so dominated by the industry not so long ago and that, thanks to the technical advances we have today, they can give much more of themselves than it might seem at first glance.


Not a hero is an action-packed two-dimensional shooter in which our mission will be to ensure that the Bunny lord, a purple, anthropomorphic rabbit standing for election, manages to become mayor.

And how are we going to do that? By playing one of the nine members of the Bunny lord fan club and taking advantage of their unique weapons and skills to make way through each of the 21 levels of the game (one for each campaign day) which, of course, will be full of enemies who will make things very, very tricky for us.

The game has cover mechanics, special shots, even the possibility of executions on stunned enemies, all in two dimensions, which, added to its open violence, its hilarious black humor and its great graphic section (which makes very good use of color and has very horny details constantly) make Not a hero an accessible game, challenging and very, very fun.