Pixel Art Games You Should Try This Year. Part 2


Crawl is a game focused on local multiplayer games (no online mode) in which up to four players will have to play one of the heroes trapped in a terrible cursed dungeon from which, unfortunately, only one can get out alive.

The approach is simple: the hero who wins the initial battle will have the opportunity to explore the dungeon, which is generated procedural and has several floors filled with all kinds of enemies (some with a really cool design), various traps and lethal mechanisms threatening in every corner and even shops where to buy weapons, upgrades, equipment and a variety of skills.

The funny thing is that players who have died at first will assume the role of a disembodied ghost whose mission will be to own the traps and monsters of the dungeon in order to end the hero’s life before he defeats the boss and manages to escape. If a ghost manages to kill the hero before this escape both players will exchange places and the adventure will continue until one of the four participants manages to go outside (or until the protagonist dies and the ghosts are defeated), which results in some fun games that, although they can be enjoyed alone playing against the CPU, reach their peak when we gather a group of friends on the same console. Pikes are guaranteed.


Enter the gunge on is a zenith view shooter that combines the infinite challenge of the rogue likes with the hell of the bullet hell projectiles in a mixture as challenging as it is addictive loaded with action, weapons, bullets and jokes with the word “weapon”.

What the game offers us is to use one of its six playable characters (two initially blocked) to go through a series of procedural generated levels in which we will have to fight chaotic shootings against crazy enemies and get dozens of weapons ranging from the apocalyptic to the directly absurd.

Among our arsenal we can find pistols, shotguns, death rays, lethal bananas and even a bullet-shaped weapon that shoots pistols that in turn shoot bullets.

EVERYTHING in Enter the gunge on is a constant joke about weapons, the enemies are bullets and grenades armed to the teeth and the bosses have names and designs to each more ingenious (careful with the “anaconda”) which, added to their intense and dynamic shootings, make the title a small jewel for lovers of pixel art, action, the “rogue likes” and a good dose of humor.