Pixel Art Games You Should Try This Year. Part 3


It probably sounds familiar to all of you, but for those of you who don’t know it, Hotline Miami is a series that features two video games and that, thanks to grotesque and disturbing graphics (which also don’t cut a hair) and an effective zenith perspective, immerses the player in a brutal history of truly insane violence that even invites us to reflect on the player’s role in the violence he or she exerts.

The playable offer consists of going through each one of the levels of the game finishing with all the enemies of each zone, either using our fists or any of the many weapons (white and of fire) that we can find in the scene or to snatch to the enemies.

Both the player and the enemies die with a single blow which, added to the fact that we reappear almost immediately after each death (which will happen quite often), gives rise to a game play as hard as addictive in which, despite the frustration, it is always easy to get carried away to do it better and throw “one more game”.


Hyper light drifter is one of those little hidden treasures that come up from time to time and that, while they don’t revolutionize anything or invent the wheel, they have enough personality and charm to stay with you long after they’re finished.

What this pixel art game offers is an adventure of zenith perspective with clear influences of sagas like Zelda or Dark souls, in which we will have to go through beautiful environments full of details to find and finish with the four bosses hidden all over the map (which is completely open from the beginning).

A mission that will not be easy because to achieve it we will have to overcome tough battles full of enemies in which we will need to use our attacks both hand-to-hand and at a distance (in addition to our useful ability to “dash”) if we want to emerge victorious.

These clashes can be really tricky and if we hit buttons like crazy the only thing we’ll get is a quick death. Understanding the tempo of our attacks and evasions, knowing how to use weapons properly at a distance and looking at the patterns of enemies are essential skills to survive these tough battles.

However, what is truly characteristic of the title is its history, its stages, its music and, above all, the sensation of melancholy and loneliness that it evokes.

As I said before, Hyper light drifter drinks directly from the Souls saga and this can be noticed enormously by way the story is told us: through the stage and with dozens of details here and there that make the world another protagonist of the program.

In this case we travel through a desolate world in which it seems that everything important has already happened and in which we are always late. And it is that the history of this world is not our history, we are nothing more than a foreigner whose purpose is not entirely clear, which only accentuates the cryptic of history that, if that were not enough, completely dispense with texts and tell us everything through cartoons and illustrations.

A smart decision on the part of the developers, since it makes the hard journey of Hyper light drifter even more enchanting, mysterious and magnetic.