Rode M3

The Rode M3 Cardioid condenser microphone is a good contender for overhead drum hihat microphone, but an even better contender for a hi-hat mic. It has an extended high end and produces smooth hi-hat sounds with an aggressive edge.

It has a polarized condenser transducer with high immunity to R.F. interference. This means that the mic won’t pick up sounds from things like lights on stage.

It has a strongly built metal body, a switch that controls the dB level, and a highpass filter. A highpass filter cuts off low frequencies and allows higher frequencies to pass through.

It sounds clean, crisp, and full-bodied.

The Rode M3 is quite long compared to other condenser mics. So, it might feel a bit awkward to position comfortably.

  • Extended frequency response with smooth extremes
  • Switchable HPF and pads
  • Gentle presence peak for subtle air
  • Awkwardly long