Treasure Adventure Game

If Cave Story is a delight, Treasure Adventure Game (TAG) is not far behind. If you had to choose a game that matches the previous one, it would be this one without a doubt. Its author, Stephen Orlando, developed this free game for just over 2 years, focusing particularly on game play, history and design, and taking care of every detail.

In the game, the story is told of a boy who has an accident while accompanying his father and his archeologist friend in search of the secrets of a temple. As the years go by, you decide to go in search of the relics your father was looking for and you will discover the story behind it, along with what happened in that temple quite a few years ago.

The Treasure Adventure Game soundtrack is a real wonder and is one of the sections that deserves special mention. The high care in the details of the game, along with the atmosphere, graphics, plot, game play and its long duration, make it a must for anyone.

Last year I played TAG (free at GOG: …), a retro style game that I highly recommend. I found a great easter egg.

Remember that although you have Treasure Adventure Game on, the game is in English and you’ll need to download the game’s translation from its official website, translating the game’s multiple dialogues and conversations.

Also, note that the author is developing Treasure Adventure World by crowdfunding, a remake in HD of this game.

Curiosity: If we download the GOG version, Treasure Adventure Game comes with Karma, an early version of what eventually became TAG. Although not finished, the first three levels are fully playable and serve as a curiosity to see how the game evolved during its final development.

  • Style| Metroidvania
  • Qualities | History, playability, music, level of detail…