You have to win the game and Spelunky


In this game you are a speleologist, very Indiana Jones style, who is responsible for exploring a series of caves and caverns, looking for treasures, gems, items with supernatural powers without forgetting to avoid traps, kill enemies and save damsels in distress. The first version (2008) is free, and is available for Windows (with some unofficial ports for Mac).

The game has a remake in Steam with the same name, Spelunky, but with improved graphics and other details, although on its own page you can find and download the original version, along with its source code.

Curiosity: Spelunky has a clear influence of classics like La-Mulana, Rick Dangerous or what seems its clearest influence, Spelunker.

  • Style | Action, Adventure
  • Qualities | Graphics, Action

You have to win the game

Finally, we have You have to win the game, an original title for a careful remake of You have to win the game from Commodore 64 that the developer released on December 28, 2012. Finally, he adapted it for Windows/PC, and we can enjoy it in current computers, using the wonderful filters that the game has in its options and which I will talk about later.

In this game, you are a child who must go through all the screens of the game (each of them has its own name) and increase the counter (percentage seen on one side of the screen) to reach 100%, as that is the goal of the game. The main idea is to get the 4 orbs that exist to unlock the bricks that are originally invisible, and along the way get as much money as possible. The game has a considerable difficulty and it is made so that the duration of the same one is also high, although a priori it can seem like a short game.

One of the great aspects of the game is the filters section in its options. By default, it comes with a 4 color CGA filter (black, white, magenta and cyan), although you can deactivate and activate the 16 color palette. It also has another set of filters to get an interlaced image, emulate the curvature of an old TV monitor, as well as other interesting options. The game is also available to download and install for free under the title You have to win the game, in Steam.

Curiosity: The game comes with a DLC in which you are a cat, with a higher difficulty and the slogan “You are a cat and have 7 lives”.

  • Style | Platforms
  • Qualities | Retro ambiance, filters